Watercolor by Britt Bass Turner

archival print of an original painting
16 x 16 inches
edition of 60

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Britt Bass Turner

Britt Bass Turner Atlanta

Britt grew up north of Atlanta. Her mother, an interior decorator, was a strong influence on Britt’s love of color and design. Britt discovered abstract painting towards the end of her undergrad studies. She studied under several inspiring abstract artists, including Erin Mcintosh and Chris Hocking. Britt’s work is about process and intuition. She is interested in the juxtaposition of medium, texture, color, and shape. She is ever searching for ways to create subtleties and surprises through fine details and passageways. She feels the work takes on its own life, and the subconscious of the painting and her own intuition mutually guide the process. Through layering, adding and omitting Britt explores this artistic relationship until it culminates into a whole, finished piece. Britt’s hope is that the finished piece will be a playful and fun accessory in a child’s room, a small pop of color on a bookshelf, or a bright and bold statement piece in living space. She paints what makes her happy, and what, at the given time, inspires her.