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Circus artist by Sabine Timm

original acrylic painting on canvas
11.75 x 15.75 inches
ready to hang

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Sabine Timm Germany

Sabine is a German artist and illustrator. She works in her own studio in Duesseldorf, where she finished her degree at the famous Academy of Fine Arts. When she takes a beach walk, she always comes home with a bag filled with inspiring stuff. She likes to create three dimensional objects made of stranded things. But most of all she works in her studio, where she is surrounded by vintage books, brushes and colors. Sabine creates her own world with its own sense of humor and meaning. Her pictures tell stories, which she has created in her tiny sketch-books and in her stage-like three dimensional scenes. The Bologna Children’s Book Competition selected her illustration works in 2006. Sabine has also shown her work in Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin, Bologna and Tokyo.