Heiko Muller Germany

Heiko Muller is based in Hamburg, Germany

His art comes from an urge to explore. He likes the countryside and a good view. And once he is face to face with a lovely scenery, he feels immediately tempted to find out what it’s concealing. The dark goings-on behind the façade of nature, you might say, or the hidden machinations of the animal kingdom.

To imagine and express this, he usually taps the lines linking religious icon art, renaissance painting and comic culture. He is particularly thrilled by the kind of spiritual terror you find expressed in the paintings of the old Flemish masters, and he’s trying to find out what happens when you apply that mood to the serene and harmless world of rural folk art.

Heiko has been shown in such diverse places as Estonia, New York, Paris, Saint Petersburg, Copenhagen, Los Angeles and San Francisco.