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Moon Rock by Hallie Rose Taylor

archival giclee print of an original painting
printed with archival pigment inks on fine art paper
9 x 12 inches
signed & numbered edition of 60

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Hallie Rose Taylor Salt Lake City

Hallie Rose Taylor is a multi-disciplinary, contemplative artist and writer. Her human experience is channeled into work which serves to translate the transcendent to the graspable and vice versa, through exploration of symbol and metaphor. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Hallie always engaged with art in some form: drawing and painting since she can remember, dabbling in several musical instruments, and finally dedicating herself to modern dance as a young woman. After a tragedy which took her away from the dance world for several years, she eventually came back around to visual art, eventually pursuing illustration for more commercial and client-based projects. Over the course of nearly a decade spent in Austin, Texas, that work slipped away as she built a more intensive and spiritually connected art practice, expanding it to include more writing—which she has always done with a fervor but never found a place for. It took Hallie a long time to realize and embrace that form and methodology isn’t as important as the purpose it serves, which is to express and perhaps provoke experiences and feelings which connect herself and others to themselves, life, Earth, and the beyond.