Portrait of the Saint Lifting Up Her Heart by Daisy Winfrey

acrylic ink, gauche, beeswax on found paper and found wood
21.25 x 34 inches

Daisy Winfrey

Daisy Winfrey Alabama

Daisy lives and works in Birmingham, Alabama. She graduated with a B.A. in Studio Art. Story-telling is a key element of her work. From tall tales, newspaper columns and drunken ramblings to brilliant one-liners, dusty old letters, saved emails and a great-grandfather’s old journals, she has been exposed, and enjoys, every type of story available. Daisy is from a family of writers, one-armed preachers, avid readers, rednecks, journalists, Southern belles, nickname-makers, professional cooks, drunks, and crazies. Daisy has developed a constantly evolving visual mythology of symbols, media and texture that she combines into a tangible story on paper, wood, fabric or whatever found objects are handy. Each work is highly personal. They are narratives about the legends that compose a life, no matter how insignificant a world of streaming media sees these moments.