Stella Starling makes her singing debut at El Morocco, 1933 by Vivienne Strauss

watercolor and ink on paper
12 x 14.75 inches
initialed on the front by the artist
title, full signature and date on back

Vivienne Strauss

Vivienne Strauss New Hampshire

Vivienne Strauss has a degree in Philosophy but has had no formal training in the arts. Vivienne is primarily a painter but also likes to work with collage. She is inspired by classic films, both foreign and American, vintage photographs and fashion as well as by what she reads or hears. Often a well written phrase or an interesting sounding name will develop into a painting or even a a whole series of them. Vivienne fills her watercolor paintings with whimsical details and humorous stories. Her characters seem to write their own dialogue as she creates them in paint. She has shown her work in Manchester, UK, NYC, Portsmouth, NH, Seattle, WA, and Tokyo. She currently has work showing with Three Ravens Gallery in Ardmore, PA, and Sebastian Foster.