Sebastian Foster began as a few conversations between the founder, Lad, and his good friend, and artist, Matte Stephens, in the late 2000s. Over ten years later, Sebastian Foster has developed a strong roster of emerging and established artists. The artists represented reflect a broad range of ideas and style. The work itself communicates well what influences our tastes and informs our understanding of good art.

The SF website has been a regular on art and design blogs covering various aspects of original work and prints. While there are an unimaginable number of variations in online art businesses today, Sebastian Foster remains true to the idea that an art business is still very much the sum of its artists and their work. The focus here is timeless, provide value to artists and offer a well curated collection to the audience.

Sebastian Foster is located in east Austin. The studio doubles as a gallery space for original work and also as a studio for prints and print production.

  • Lad


    Lad, originally from Texas, traveled to Austin for college in the 90s. He received a BBA in Finance, Master of Public Affairs in Policy, and a Master of Business Administration at the University of Texas at Austin. These days, he lives on the island of Oahu, Hawaii - where he spends lots of time surfing.

  • Orlando


    A native South Texan, Orlando came to Austin 10 years ago to study at the University of Texas at Austin. Orlando and Lad developed a relationship after several years of Orlando strolling by the 6th street studio in downtown Austin. Orlando manages all apsects of the shop and mail order operations. He is the guy you'll find if you visit the Sebastian Foster studio in downtown Austin.

  • Alex


    Alex connects our artists with our audience. A student of journalism, she headed to Austin after college where she has worked in marketing communications ever since. Beyond bringing Sebastian Foster and art to you, Alex is frequently found collecting small things, drinking sour beer or filling up empty wall space.